About The Report

Are you using your data to enhance your ENT practice?

A wealth of data is generated each month by your practice, just from your billing cycles alone. Insights from this data can be used to help you enhance your productivity and practice, but making sense of your practice’s performance requires time and experience that you may not have. ENT Marks can help.

ENT physicians and practice managers want to ensure their practices are poised for success, but unfortunately they remain in the dark when it comes to what’s working (or not).

Benchmarking can be used to help shed light on the successes and pain points of your operations. Simply put, benchmarking is used to compare your performance data and business processes with other ENT practices of the same size and scope as your practice.

At ENT Marks, we take a holistic approach, revealing how your existing processes compare with those of your peers, while showing how key steps can be taken to help close the performance gap. As part of your traditional quality management program, our reports can be used to help give you the peace of mind regarding the health of your practice, allowing you to focus on the health of your patients.

What Our Clients Say

From performance insights to practice change, ENT Marks is helping leading practices to evolve.

Here’s what our clients are saying:

“ENT Marks has helped us manage our practice and identify areas of need.”
— Herb Silverstein, MD, FAAC

“ENT Marks helped productivity and has reduced patient wait times by 27 percent.”
— Dwight T. Jones, MD, Chairman, University of Nebraska

“Knowing the true specific benchmarks and targets helped me manage my practice.
ENT Marks benchmarking data identified inefficiencies in our collection department
costing us several thousand dollars.”

— Charles Walker, MD, Medical Director