Who We Are

At ENT Marks, we leverage our over 25 years of experience working with health care management and consulting to help our clients turn monthly billing data into actionable insights that enhance their practice performance. Our simple, easy-to-digest monthly reports are designed to complement practice workflow, enable ENT practices to understand their performance relative to competitors, while targeting performance gaps and identifying immediate opportunities to improve productivity.

Benefit from our many years of ENT practice experience. ENT Marks grew from our knowledge and insight of over 25-years working in ENT practice billing. As the owner of MD Pro Solutions, a very large and successful ENT-focused medical billing and consulting firm, our founder and president Greg Kelliher, identified an opportunity to add value to providers and their practices by gleaning operations insights from existing billing data.

The resulting reports, which are the flagship product of ENT Marks, are informed by Greg’s expertise in all aspects of practice management. From clinical activities to strategic planning, they have helped our clients to realize substantial gains in revenue, increasing receipts by more than 10 percent.

Start putting your data to work for the benefit of your practice. Contact ENT Marks today to learn more about how we can help you use your ENT practice data to enhance your performance and increase your bottom line.